Anime Daigaku (the RPG)



            What is Anime University?  For that matter, what is Anime?  I’ll answer the second question first. Anime is short for Japanese Animation.  Anime is targeted for all ages, unlike American animation that is generally targeted for children.  For those of you that are wondering, Daigaku means “school” or “college”.  We have chosen to use it as “University”, which is close enough.  Throughout this manual, we will refer to Anime Daigaku as AniDai, for short.

            Now, the first question.  Anime University is a game based on a story concept (“crack fiend idea”) created by three men.  In the story of Anime University, these three people were drawn into a world of anime, where all the characters of every show they ever watched were going to college together at one self-contained campus.  They were able to interact with their idols and be a part of that fascinating world at the same time.

            In the RPG (Role Playing Game) of Anime University, you will create your own individual anime character.  Background and description of your character, along with any skills they might have when they come, are entirely up to you – although you will have to follow a few guidelines as to specifics.

            Your character will interact with other students as well as teachers, roommates, and visitors to the college.  You may also find yourself visiting other worlds, or dueling evildoers – it’s a wide universe out there, remember, and just about anything can (and will) happen at a college as extraordinary as the one you attend!


Your Character’s Lifetime

            The students’ education and graduation takes, in general, an elapsed four years to complete (some majors may take longer).  At this point, the character can either choose to become a professor at the college, or leave to continue his life.  In either case, the character can no longer participate as an active member of the school.  In order for the player to continue participating, he/she must design a new character – meaning that the new character might be taking a class taught by the old one!

            We realize that this might not be everyone’s cup of tea.  Some of you may want to pick up a second or third degree from AniDai.  Others may want to continue playing these characters beyond their college years.  Once you graduate AniDai, you are very powerful, and that power level may be beyond the scope of this book.  However: you can find, in the Anime Daigaku Game Master’s Guide, optional rules for further adventure.  Just know that you are going to be Too Strong For You to just about anyone you meet by the time you finish your first degree!