Welcome to a world where anything is possible.
It is the far future. The human species has gone to the stars, and found that we are not alone. All was well for more than 50 years, but then something… strange happened. Now, Mechs walk beside mighty sorcerers, catgirls swoon over men in the military uniforms of the Allied Space Force, and entities once thought to be purely fictional are an everyday sight. Now, individuals are being born with the potential for strange powers and fantastic strengths. YOU are just such an individual.
Too bad you have no idea how to tap into your potential!
But that’s where the Great Schools (colleges for the especially gifted) come in! Staffed, run, and taught by beings from the previously fictional Japanese Anime worlds, these schools will take you through their version of the School of Hard Knocks to unlock your amazing skills and abilities.
Will you be a cunning wielder of the magical arts? A starship pilot or a Mech jockey? Or maybe a linguist, or a healer, or a practitioner of psycho-sociology? Perhaps a flying, energy-blast throwing, martial artist? You have the power to do anything you want in Anime Daigaku, the Anime Role-Playing Game!
Just remember – you’ll be needed. All may be peaceful in the Orion Arm Alliance right now, but that’s not the case elsewhere…